Turn your little heroes into healthy superheroes!

Pediatric Nutrition Program

Just like your kids, Zero to Hero Nutrition is growing! We have expanded our services to include a pediatric and family nutrition program and will be using food and nutrition to turn Santa Maria's little heroes into healthy superheroes!  

Let food be thy children's medicine

We specialize in using diet and lifestyle interventions to support the management of ADHD/Autism, anxiety, cold and flus, concentration, constipation, family eating for healthy body weight, gut health, food allergies/sensitivities, healthy school lunches, picky eaters and stress. 

Give your child the most nutritious start.

Elimination Diet Protocol

A holistic, personalized nutrition approach for your child

Whether your child has a specific problem or you want to be proactive in improving your child's diet quality to prevent future problems, we will teach the lifestyle habits that will positively impact a child for the rest of their life.

We do not use set protocols for each condition as every child is unique. However, as 70% of the immune system is in the gut, we generally start with supporting gut function. Most medical conditions, including those with brain and behavioral components, involve a gut dysfunction at some level. We use the 5 'R' approach to support restoration and function. This includes removing food sensitives (identified with LEAP MRT blood test), replacing with healthy, nourishing foods and supplements if warranted, repopulating the gut with healthy bacteria, repairing any gut damage and rebalancing lifestyle behaviors for lasting results.

Overcoming a fear of foods and developing a nourishing relationship with food is also a key component to a healthy outcome. We will meet you and your child where you are at and teach you how to use food to really nourish the body.

Nutrition counseling is an investment in your child's future.


It is very important to involve a child as much as possible in the discussion and management of diet and medical problems to help them understand their body. This way they can be engaged and motivated to change behaviors and be open to learning new techniques.

Embracing change and implementing it is difficult so we will reassure you that the process does not need to be perfect, you are doing a wonderful job by taking one step forward in the right direction by asking for help and you will continue to make progress by implementing small, sustainable changes every day. We will be your cheerleaders to help you do the best you can for your child.

  I am collaborating with my wonderful colleague Katie Strack, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, to provide specialized pediatric services for you and your family. Katie has training in functional and integrative medicine and the required experience in childhood nutrition. She has an extremely warm, welcoming and caring approach to people and she is also a mom who conquers the daily challenges of providing her family with the healthiest lifestyle. Katie is elated to have the opportunity to serve the health and wellness needs of the families and children of the Central Coast community!

Healthy Family Eating

  • 1 Initial visit (60-90 mins)

  • 3 Follow up visits (60 mins)

  • Review of medical history/labs

  • Wellness prescription plan for your families specific needs including recipes and school lunch ideas

  • Picky eating tips

  • Focus on health rather than weight to foster a healthy relationship with food and the body

  • Practical tips to save time in the kitchen and shopping


  • 1 Initial visit (60-90 mins)

  • 4 Follow up visits (60 mins)

  • 5 'R' functional nutrition approach

  • Children's food sensitivity testing (80 foods, chemicals)

  • Review of medical history/labs

  • Personalized elimination meal plan and reintroduction plan 

  • Professional grade supplements if needed

  • Email access to dietitian if questions between visits if needed