A comprehensive integrative and functional approach to fortify first line prevention while strengthening second line defenses to support better health during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Nutrition Course

Enroll below to Fiona's free integrative and functional COVID-19 nutrition course. This course will focus first and foremost on the key public health measures that are needed to flatten the curve and save lives. After those key strategies for prevention are covered, I will focus on powerful secondary measures like good nutrition and sleep designed to support your immune system, if you become infected with COVID-19.

This evidence-based, holistic approach harnesses the power of first line prevention with second line robust immunity to achieve the overarching goal of minimizing your risk of exposure and then maximizing the resistance after exposure to COVID-19.

It is designed to empower you to take positive lifestyle changes that will not only help you get through this pandemic, but also set you up for a lifetime of healthier behaviors for the future.

Integrative and Functional COVID-19 Nutrition Course Overview

I designed an integrative and functional model for COVID-19 to bring you a holisitic and comprehensive approach to support the body, mind and spirit during this pandemic. This unique model takes in the multiple facets of health that can all be utilized to build resiliency. By addressing the first line prevention strategies from the World Health Organization and combining them with strategies that support immune function, you can bring you best self to the fight. I am presenting the information in one platform so you are able to readily access the information you need in one area. Click below to enroll for free.

COVID19 Nutrition Course Overview Audio
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First Line Prevention

Integration of public health measures such as staying at home and quarantining as a family, designed to minimize exposure, flatten the curve and save lives.

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Second Line Defense

Integration of nutrition, sleep, movement and mental health to support immune function, aimed at maximizing resiliency after exposure.

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Third Line Defense

Integration of individuals within the community, cultivating awareness and social connection, to build solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.

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