Your health. Your happiness. Your choice. 

Nutrition Services Tailored For You

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with a health condition like Celiac's Disease, or have been suffering for years with a frustrating condition like Irritable Bowel Disease, I can help you restore, improve and maintain optimal health with a nutrition science approach.  


I can also help you if you are struggling to even get a diagnosis. This is an extremely distressing place to be in. If your doctor has exhausted conventional treatment options, if they are suggesting it is 'all in your head' (like I heard for many years from the top specialists in Ireland) or if they are chalking it down to 'simple stress', we need to talk! There is still HOPE. I do not diagnose medical conditions but I can work with you and your physician to keep fighting to figure it out. Food just might be the key!

There is hope.

A personalized nutrition approach

I am specially trained in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT). This is considered 'next level' nutrition - a much deeper dive than conventional nutrition and dietetics, with the goal of finding the root cause of your health conditions. Conventional nutrition relies on a 'one size fits all approach'. Integrative and functional nutrition uses a personalized approach, tailored just for you. Imagine this - I can even provide you with testing of your genes and target professional grade nutrition supplements at your specific gene weaknesses to provide you the ultimate wellness and healthy aging solution!

I specialize in autoimmune diseases and digestive issues. Latest research shows inflammation and poor gut health tend to be at the root cause of most conditions. By addressing underlying inflammatory food and environmental triggers and implementing an anti-inflammatory, gut healing diet, tailored specifically for you, I can help you manage disease progression.

Nutrition counseling is an investment in your future.

Lifestyle changes, like, diet, exercise and stress management should be your first line of defense for the prevention and treatment of disease. Any investments you make in high quality food, exercise and nutrition counseling from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specialized in functional nutrition will only reap you benefits.


I believe in making high quality nutrition services affordable and accessible to the people. I provide a wide variety of plans for each budget and personal needs. While I do not accept insurance, I provide a 'Super Bill' for nutrition counseling sessions which you can submit to your insurance for possible full, or partial, reimbursement. I work with you to tailor a plan for your budget and I can set up a payment plan if necessary. You cannot afford to not make this investment in your health and future.


Finally figure out which foods are right for your body. Identify your specific food triggers and implement a personalized plan to support reduced inflammation and better health.

  • 1 Initial visit (60-90 mins)

  • Follow up visits (60 mins)

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Personalized elimination and reintroduction plan 

  • Symptom identification and minimization

  • Optimization of non-food triggers - environmental toxins, sleep, stress

  • Professional grade supplements if needed

  • Culinary roadmap to support long term reduced inflammation

Ultimate Wellness

Take your health to the next level -  identify your gene weaknesses (SNP's) and implement a personalized disease prevention and health optimization plan.

  • 1 Initial visit (60-90 mins)

  • Follow up visits (60 mins)

  • Comprehensive genomic testing

  • Micronutrient testing

  • Personalized disease prevention strategies developed using your DNA results - a plan as unique as you!

  • Personalized culinary roadmaps with nutrients and foods to optimize your specific genes

  • Professional grade supplements if needed

  • Personalized biomarkers to track effectiveness of nutrition interventions



Emily Mowrey

Fiona is THE Absolute Best!!! In 6 months I've lost 30 pounds and changed my overall health and lifestyle. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things healthy, but she's undoubtedly one of the most genuine, caring, and fabulous humans on the planet! I cannot sing her praises highly enough. She offers tons of options and tailors everything specifically to you. Do NOT miss an opportunity to work with Fiona, she is a game-changer! If you struggle with your weight or health, this woman can help turn things around for the better & for good! If you've been putting off getting healthy, look no further! Zero to Hero has completely changed my life and I'm SO thankful!


Robert Navarro

Fiona has an awesome wealth of health information. In my dealings with her she's always been very helpful and generous with her knowledge. She's one of the kindest and genuine people I've had the pleasure of meeting along my path of health and fitness. A true source of inspiration as well. I would have solicited her help based on her awesome Irish accent alone but it turns out she's highly qualified. I would definitely recommend her for all of your health and wellness needs.


Joan McBain

I am 75 years old and have elected to find other ways then drugs to maintain my health. I have struggled with heavy metal poisoning for most of my life. I have finally succeeded and are ready to totally heal my body. Fiona has suggested exercise-walking, yoga, strength training and swimming. I am much stronger then I was a year ago. Now we are working on strengthening my body with the right healing foods for me. Fiona paints a picture for you of yourself of how it works and makes it very understandable. Now I am starting to understand what foods this body needs. It is not the same as my husband or my next door neighbor. Give her a try. It will be the best money you ever spent.